Who Is Bianca Belair?

Born: Knoxville, TN

Date of birth: April 9th, 1989

Height: 5′ 7″

Bianca Blair is an American professional wrestler who is signed to WWE, where she performs in their developmental territory NXT under the ring name Bianca Belair. After two official tryouts, Blair signed a contract with WWE on April 12, 2016, and was assigned to the WWE Performance Center. Blair made her first appearance during an in–ring segment at an NXT live event on June 25, and her in–ring debut in September, defeating Aliyah.

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NXT Takeover Phoenix Preview:Bianca Belair vs Shayna Bazler for ...
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What’s a dominant Queen of Spades to an undefeated EST of NXT? The answer to that will be realized when Bianca Belair challenges Shayna Baszler for the coveted NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix.

Since winning the NXT Women’s Title from Kairi Sane at WWE Evolution, Baszler has been hellbent on maintaining her iron grip on the crown. Meanwhile, the herculean Belair has been tearing through NXT with an incredible streak of victories, including in the grueling NXT Women’s Title No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 4-Way Match on the Dec. 26 edition of NXT that punched her ticket to TakeOver: Phoenix. Now, these two forces come face to face, while unarguably standing as the greatest threat to one another.

In a showdown between sheer strength and killer instinct, these two powerhouses prepare for their biggest fight yet. Will The Queen of Spades carry on her two-time reign of terror? Or will The EST of NXT dethrone #ShaynaTwoTime and remain un-de-fea-ted?

Don’t miss this monumental clash for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, streaming live Saturday, Jan. 26, at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!

NXT Results-January 16th,2019
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Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring and she has something to say.

Bianca says chaos tried to stop her rise but last week she send Nikki Cross packing as she continues her climb. Bianca says this is her year. She says she has 20/20 vision when it comes to that championship. Bianca says she sees Shayna and you have your title and horsewomen galloping behind you. You think you are the baddest, but the EST of NXT is walking out of Phoenix with the title because she is Un-De . . .

interrupted by NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and she is joined by Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke.

Shayna comments on the EST of NXT and says she doesn’t see it. Everybody knows about her records at the Performance Center. She is the fastest and the strongest, but she is not the smartest. If you had half a brain, you would understand that it doesn’t matter how big and strong your arms are, she is going to tear them off at Takeover.

Bianca tells Shayna uh uh. The only things these arms will be doing is hold the title over her head at Takeover.

Shayna says you are just like everybody else. You won’t put your money where your mouth is and fight her. You are afraid. You’re afraid I am going to break your arms. You’re afraid I am going to silence the hype. You are afraid I am going to change your vocabulary from Un-De-Fea-Ted to Over-Rated.

Shayna says something to Bianca that cannot be heard by the mics. She asks Bianca if she is afraid of her friends. They are the least of your worries.

Belair slaps Shayna and then she avoids Marina and Jesssamyn as she gets to the floor.

NXT Results-January 9th,2019
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Watson reminds us that the two of them have wrestled twice and both matches did not finish with a proper result. Cross gets a huge pop from the fans at Full Sail.

A little shoving match to start this one. Cross with a crossbody and then, the two women reset. Cross waves her vest around like it’s her ponytail to mock Belair, but the crowd doesn’t pick up on it.

Beauty dropkick by Cross. She can’t follow it up though and, off the ropes, Cross flips around and spins on her to hit her with a hurricanrana.

Knocked to the outside, Belair can’t convert, but when Cross rolls her back in, she catches Cross on the turnbuckle. She presses her into the air and drops her flat on her stomach. Standing moonsault for a pinfall attempt.

Belair puts Cross in an abdominal stretch, putting pressure on the side and neck. Pumphandle backbreaker! 1-2- kickout.
Club to the back, and a suplex attempt that she really gutted out…Cross brings the momentum back to herself and nails Belair with a DDT! 1-2- kickout. Things have evened out here.

Right hands to Belair’s face by Cross. Another crossbody. Cross smothers Belair and then rushes her in the corner. Running bulldog. Swat Drop! 1-2- kickout again!

Cross goes for her finisher, but Belair evades it. She defends Cross on the ropes and nails her with a spear. Pinfall attempt is unsuccessful.

Cross is lying on the mat as Belair goes for a big splash! Double knees from Cross! Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker! Cross goes for the cover, but Belair rolls all the way out of the ring. She’s struggling on the ramp, and Cross climbs on to Belair’s back. Belair, like her first match, drops back, squishing Cross between her back and the steel ramp.

Belair collapses on the mat and the referee begins to count. Both women barely break the referee’s count at 9, and they rest under the ropes while the fans clap for them.

The two exchange a flurry of punches! It’s a brawl now. Belair goes for a spear and spears the turnbuckle. Cross with a quick cover. 1-2- kickout! Cross pulls at her hair in frustration.

When they return to their feet, Belair nails Cross off her feet with a blazing forearm. The referee begins to count. Cross rolls to the ropes and lifts herself to her feet in the corner. Belair finally gets a spear, lunging into Cross, lifting her off her feet. She lifts Cross to the top turnbuckle.

A struggle ensues. Cross shoves Belair to the mat. She flies…misses the crossbody. Belair…torture rack, K.O.D. That’s a wrap!

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 9 minutes

NXT Results-December 26th,2018
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Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim vs. Lacey Evans vs. Bianca Belair

Highlights include:
Some early over the top flying from Shirai to take out her Women’s Division counterparts.

From the apron, Evans landed a sweet slingshot elbow drop over the top rope on Yim. She beat up on the alliance of Yim and Shirai pretty well, leading to a 2 count on Shirai.

Evans throws out Belair, and shortly after, Yim, before her and Shirai take up their feud with near pinfalls of their own.
Belair and Evans team up after trash-talking and try to eliminate Shirai. Yim returns to the ring and interferes with their efforts. She takes advantage of some squabbling between those two and delivers a German suplex to Belair.
Shirai returns with a vengeance, dropkicking Evans, but Belair seizes that opportunity to spear Shirai to the mat! Great execution there.

Belair’s first to her feet, but Shirai counters her efforts with a sunset flip, and then a stomp to the mid-section. Jumping dropkick to Belair. 1-2- Evans breaks the count.

Now, it’s Yim and Evans battling as the other two ladies are dispersed from the ring. Evans hits the Women’s Right! 1-2-…WHOA! Shirai barely breaks it in time.

Moonsault from Shirai on Evans. 1-2- Belair starts whipping Shirai with her hair. She goes for the powerbomb. No! She throws Shirai backwards over the top on top of Yim. Belair hits Evans with the KOD and pins her for the win! Belair is elated and still undefeated!

Winner, and new #1 contender: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 12 minutes

NXT Results – August 22nd, 2018
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Bianca Belair vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Some mat wrestling to get us started with a couple counters from both wrestlers. Belair evades Purrazzo, hits a dropkick, throws her into the ropes, Purrazzo tries for an armbar early, Belair gets out of it. Belair with a gutbuster, cover, two. Belair with some trash talking as she stomps down on her opponent’s back. Full-nelson locked on Purrazzo, Belair with a spear into the corner. She charges in again, nobody home, shoulder tackle on Purrazzo, couple elbow drops.

Belair with power slam, goes for a standing moonsault, but Purrazzo moves out of the way. Bicycle kick and a low dropkick lands clean by Purrazzo. She brings Belair down, goes for the armbar, but Belair gets up and sends Purrazzo into the ring post. She gets Purrazzo up in the torture rack position, plants her to the mat, cover, and that will do it.

NXT Results-July 25th,2018
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Bianca Belair is in the interview area and she is asked about her recovery because she missed the number one contender match. She says she does not have to explain herself. She is undefeated. She says she will work the hardest and she will get what she deserves because she is Un-De-Feated. When she gets back, she will get what she deserves.

Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment > NXT > 2018 > July 25th,2018

NXT Results-July 4th,2018
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We have a video from Bianca Belair and she introduces herself, even though she doesn’t need to introduce herself. Bianca says she is on her honeymoon and she has been asked about the other women in NXT. You have one who is a lunatic, one who is a pirate, one who thinks she is the captain of a team, and one who is too busy worrying about her husband. Bianca says she does not worry about any of them. She says she is going to get back to her honeymoon.

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NXT Results-June 13th,2018
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Match Number Three: Bianca Belair versus Aliyah

Aliyah shows off her gear while Belair ties up her hair. Belair with a forearm and she wants Aliyah to fight her. Aliyah has a change in attitude as she tries to get away from Belair. Belair with a shoulder tackle and side head lock. Aliyah with an Irish whip and Belair floats over and hits a shoulder in the corner. Belair goes for a suplex but Aliyah lands on her feet and Aliyah goes for a guillotine but Belair turns it into a suplex. Belair with a splash to the back and then she picks up Aliyah and curls her and presses Aliyah over her head for Snake Eyes. Belair with a torture rack into a Belair Driver for the three count.

Winner: Bianca Belair

We are back and Dakota Kai is asked what would she have changed after her match against Shayna Baszler. Dakota says she was seconds away from winning and she got to stand up to Shayna. Dakota says she thinks she can win if she gets another chance.

Bianca Belair stops by and asks if they saw what she just did. Bianca says she is the strongest, toughest, biggest, and best. She is better than Dakota Kai. Bianca says that Dakota is not going to do anything but cry. She tells Dakota to go to the back of the line.

Dakota says that Bianca is not going to intimidate her and she challenges Bianca to a match next week.

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NXT Results-May 2nd,2018
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Match Number Four: Candice LeRae versus Bianca Belair

They lock up and Belair with a waist lock and take down. They lock up again and Belair with a side head lock. Belair with a shoulder tackle and she tries for a slam but Candice gets to her feet. Candice with a head scissors and rollup and bridge for a near fall. Candice misses a forearm in the corner and goes for a cross body but Bianca catches Candice and slams her for a near fall. Belair sets for a dead lift into a military press and Snake Eyes. Belair with a torture rack. Candice with elbows and she gets to her feet.

LeRae with forearms and then she hits a running back elbow into the corner. Candice goes up top and hits a missile drop kick but Bianca tosses Candice away on a tornado DDT attempt. Belair with a fallaway gourdbuster for the three count.

Winner: Bianca Belair

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